Supporting Digital Humanities Research
From Data to Impactful Publication

Our Work


We offer introductory training to groups and individuals interested in Digital Humanities. We specialise in digitisation and the use of standards in Digital Humanities work.


We create attractive websites for Digital Humanities projects using a minimal computing approach. All our work is done with accessibility, citability, and long-term sustainability in mind.


We have a particular interest in supporting innovative projects by students and ECRs. We are able to offer free initial advice and low-cost solutions empowering researchers to do their own work.

About Us

Student working with laptop and a hot drink

We are a team of library professionals with decades of experience working with groups and individual researchers and supporting digital projects.

We are passionate about giving greater visibility and support to the enormous amount of Digital Humanities work that goes on every day for free on researchers’ personal computers.

We also believe that Digital Humanities work relies on the digitisation and open access availability of historical materials. Students and researchers are transcribing and editing these materials all the time — we want to harness that work for the common good.


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