Murray Scriptorium

Murray Scriptorium: https://www.murrayscriptorium.org/

The Murray Scriptorium is a pilot edition of the letters and papers of Sir James Augustus Henry Murray (1837–1915), chief editor of the Oxford English Dictionary from 1879 until his death.

CatCor: The Correspondence of Catherine the Great

CatCor: https://catcor.seh.ox.ac.uk/

CatCor is a pilot project for a digital database of the letters of Catherine the Great. The project presents a searchable database that demonstrates as its key concept the advantages of uniting in one place her large correspondence and providing the tools to analyse it.

Romantic Period Poetry Archive

RPPA: https://www.romanticperiodpoetry.org/

The Romantic Period Poetry Archive (RPPA) is a a new, open access digital platform of the poetry of the global Romantic period. It comprises a full-text poetry database and an open scholarship platform. Comparative in nature, RPPA conceptualizes Romanticism as a global, deeply interconnected phenomenon. Based on Semantic Web technologies, RPPA contributes towards a knowledge graph of the Global Romantic period.

PRISMS: Primary source materials and scholarship

PRISMS: https://www.prisms.digital/

PRISMS is a flexible Open Scholarship platform, with the potential to aggregate all digitised primary source material, and the associated scholarship, in a semantic network. Open Scholarship in PRISMS means leveraging the power of open data, open access, open standards, and open tools to create an environment where scholarship can be shared as it is created.

Eighteenth Century Poetry Archive

Eighteenth-Century Poetry Archive: https://www.eighteenthcenturypoetry.org/

The peer-reviewed Eighteenth Century Poetry Archive won the BSECS (British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies) Digital Prize 2018. This resource is aimed at university-level teaching and research. It is innovative in its use of built-in digital humanities tools to aid close reading, visualization, and knowledge modelling, and in the opportunity for users to contribute content at every stage.

Thomas Gray Archive

Thomas Gray Archive: https://www.thomasgray.org/

The peer-reviewed Thomas Gray Archive won an OxTalent Award. It brings the work of Thomas Gray to a range of audiences, from school children to scholars. It is innovative in inviting collaboration on every level and in the presentation of multiple translations of Gray’s most famous work, the “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”.

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